FUELVAC® The Innovative Double-skin tank lining system

FUELVAC® double skin tank lining system provides an indefinite solution to storage tank protection

FUELVAC® Benefits

Internal tank steel is protected within a vacuum, so no further corrosion can exist. The FUELVAC® system is durable, reliable and effectively provides 24/7 monitoring throughout the whole tank.

Significant Cost Savings

FUELVAC® is a strong but flexible liner that moves in conjunction with above ground tank floor plates. FUELVAC® reduces major construction work downtime as no need to replace tanks or tank floor plates.

UK First HCl Double-skin Installation

HCl was stored in a 2,140m3 capacity mild steel tank, double-lined with a high-performance epoxy coating designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

Fuelvac® is a patented, double skin tank lining system utilising class 1 vacuum leak detection.

Fuelvac® is accredited to the European standard BS EN 13160-7.

Fuelvac® installation process



Fuelvac® for Hydrochloric Acid


Probably the most Environmentally friendly Double Skin Tank Lining System in The World

Fuelvac® solvent free double skin lining system provides 24/7 leak detection for above and below ground storage tanks of any size, utilising Class 1 vacuum pressure monitoring. The World’s only double skin liner that uses solvent free coatings throughout the system alongside non-hazardous materials.

The system has been independently tested and certified to EN13160-7:2016 by TUV NORD.

Fuelvac® double skin liner has been designed to conform to the 2015 COMAH Regulations to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances, limiting the consequences to people and the environment.

Cost and time savings are significant with minimal downtime for recommissioning of the completed tank. Remote monitoring applications check the integrity of the installation every second of every day, ensuring peace of mind and a professional approach to tank storage maintenance.

Fuelvac® provides an extra level of safety for clients for pollution management control.

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Why do our clients choose FUELVAC®?

The answer is simple. Because, “IT WORKS”