FUELVAC® The Innovative Double-skin tank lining system

Any tank that can be entered can benefit from the FUELVAC® patented system of internal tank coating and protection

FUELVAC® Benefits

Internal tank steel protected within a vacuum, so no further corrosion can exist. The FUELVAC® system is durable, reliable and effectively monitored 24/7 throughout the whole tank.

Significant Cost Savings

FUELVAC® is a flexible liner that moves in conjunction with above ground tank floor plates. FUELVAC® reduces major construction work downtime as no need to replace tanks or tank floor plates

UK First HCL Double-skin Installation

HCL was stored in a 2,140m3 capacity mild steel tank, double lined with a high performance epoxy coating designed to provide excellent chemical resistance.

Fuelvac® is a patented, multi-layered tank lining system with class 1 vacuum leak detection. Brought to you by Abfad Ltd

Fuelvac® installation process



Fuelvac® Hydrochloric Acid Project 2014


Presenting Abfad’s FUELVAC® Double Skin Tank Lining System

Tank Lining Specialists, ABFAD Ltd, have the perfect solution to damaged and corroded storage Tanks. By using FUELVAC® their patented, solvent free, monitored process to install both single and double-skin tank lining systems, the company brings a new dimension to storage tank repairs.

Cost and time savings are significant with minimal downtime for recommissioning of the treated system. Remote monitoring applications check the integrity of the installation every second of every day, ensuring piece of mind and a totally professional approach to tank storage maintenance.

Learn more about FUELVAC®

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The FUELVAC® system uses only the highest quality materials in its processes.

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