Fuelvac® Double Skin Lining System

Advanced double skin lining system with leak detection monitoring

About Fuelvac®

Abfad Ltd is dedicated to providing innovative, environmentally-friendly industry solutions to companies worldwide.

For over 10 years we’ve been installing and implementing ground-breaking fuel-tank storage environmental protection solutions by deploying various methodologies and products.

Our flagship product is Fuelvac®, a double skin tank lining process with an integrated class 1 vacuum leak detection monitoring system.

Abfad Ltd

Abfad Ltd has many years of experience in Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Projects, Construction, Maintenance and Corrosion Control.

Abfad provides two major services for its clients:

1. Specialist application of solvent-free resins, with a focus on tank repairs and corrosion protection.
2. The supply of trade experienced rope access personnel for working-at-height and emergency rescue and safety cover in all industries.

Abfad is an innovative company that prides itself on providing solutions for clients and Industry and has identified and solved a significant problem with biofuel bacteria corrosion in storage tanks.

Biofuel bacteria is highly corrosive and can lead to a breach in the storage tank and leaking product into the surrounding environment in a relatively short period of time. Fuelvac® Double Skin Lining System is an indefinite solution to this problem and protects against future corrosion quickly and easily. Installation of the system is fast with only minimal downtime and no environmentally-damaging processes.


Over the years Abfad has been at the forefront of new developments, applications and equipment such as:

  • Double-skin tank lining systems to protect storage tanks from corrosion and provide leak detection monitoring.
  • Underground tank access boards for safe access and egress.
  • Magnetic Positioning Aid: – a permanent magnet system specifically designed to facilitate stable rope access working in areas that would have previously been impossible to manage with any precision and in complete safety.
  • Pipevac® pipeline protection system, provides corrosion elimination and monitoring, including Corrosion Under Insulation, around the outside of pipelines.
  • Wind turbine joint monitoring, protect critical joints with a 24/7 vacuum monitoring system.

Abfad is devoted to providing clients with quality trade services focussed on reliability, safety, environmental awareness and corporate responsibility and are delighted with the success and overwhelmingly positive feedback from Fuelvac® customers.

HCl Case Study

Fuelvac® Double Skin Lining System was installed in an above-ground storage tank that stored over 2 million litres of Hydrochloric Acid. The system was installed across the floor area and 12.5 metres up the tank walls, making this a World first in Double Skin Tank Lining.

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