Cost Savings

Fuelvac® has been successfully installed in storage tanks for over a decade
  • The cost savings of having a FUELVAC® tank lining install against a tank replacement are significant and can result in huge savings.
  • FUELVAC® reduces major construction work downtime and expenditure as no need to replace tanks or tank floor plates.
  • The benefits of having the FUELVAC® system can future proof your facility and provide a safe, monitored environment for many years to come.
  • Periodic testing of weld seams is no longer required as they are monitored 24/7.
  • 20-year extendable life service for storage tank assets with FUELVAC® installed.
  • FUELVAC® resists a wide range of chemicals, biofuels including 100% Ethanol and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria.

Reduce down-time, future-proof your facility and save money

FUELVAC® double-skin liner is the most cost-effective and complete solution to storage tank maintenance and refurbishment. Able to operate in even the harshest chemical environments. Find out how much you can save with a FUELVAC® install.

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