Protecting The Environment

FUELVAC® is probably the most environmentally friendly double skin tank lining system on the market today

FUELVAC® offers a vast range of positive environmental benefits.

  • It uses environmentally-friendly materials – the solvent free resins used do not pollute the atmosphere nor are they explosive.
  • Non-hazardous materials mean a less hazardous install for applicators.
  • Solvent-free coatings and non-hazardous materials used throughout.
  • FUELVAC® acts as a second skin within the storage tank giving you time to react without any loss of product containment into the surrounding environment.

Using environmentally-friendly materials means that neither the general public nor site personnel will be affected during a FUELVAC® install.

  • Reduced carbon footprint – by using solvent free resins and other environmentally-friendly materials, the installation of a FUELVAC® system occurs faster and with a much-reduced carbon footprint.
  • Environmental Agency friendly!

Go green TODAY!

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