What is FUELVAC®

Advanced double skin lining system with leak detection monitoring

What is Fuelvac®?

Fuelvac® is a solvent free double skin tank lining system which utilises class 1 vacuum monitoring for leak detection.

Using solvent free coatings and non-hazardous materials throughout Fuelvac® is probably the worlds most environmentally friendly double skin tank lining system.

What does it do?

The system is engineered to allow full tank monitoring for underground and above-ground storage, giving you proof and reassurance that your storage tank is not leaking, even from difficult to inspect areas. Fuelvac® is an indefinite solution to storage tank protection.

Fuelvac® acts as a second skin within the storage tank and can be installed to above and below ground tanks of any size. It is quick to install resulting in less tank downtime.

Why is Fuelvac® here and why double skin?

Environmental Pollution Laws and the protection of clients assets are the main drivers for double-walled tank installation and monitoring.

Double skin lining is a long term cost saving move, reducing the chance of a tank breach and environmental pollution, greatly extending the life of the tank and providing cost savings on future maintenance, inspection and replacements.

Protect from major incidents

For an indefinite solution to storage tank protection

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