Features of the Fuelvac tank lining system

  • FUELVAC® is an engineer-designed system
  • FUELVAC® is a flexible liner that moves in conjunction with above ground tank floor plates
  • It is environmentally-friendly
  • The system has an integrated 24/7 monitoring system
  • It is a totally preventative approach to product containment
  • FUELVAC® has an innovative patented approach to solving weld corrosion
  • FUELVAC® can make significant savings over the cost of a traditional tank replacement on forecourt underground storage tanks and above ground tanks
  • FUELVAC® reduces major construction work downtime as no need to replace tanks or tank floor plates
  • Internal tank steel protected within a vacuum, so no further corrosion can exist
  • FUELVAC® interstice (monitoring space between the two tank walls) can be installed over any tank contour including knuckle radius, weld seams and or any distortion in the tank ensuring that ALL surface areas of the tank are truly double skinned lined
  • FUELVAC® is a seamless system with no joints which can drop vacuum pressure
  • This can also be installed in any Bund areas
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