NDT Testing And The Fuelvac® Double Skin System

Here at Abfad we wanted to let our clients know that NDT testing to the steel tank could be carried out through our Fuelvac® double skin tank lining system, so we approached Innospection Limited to carry out some tests and produce a full comprehensive report for us.

The brief for Innospection was to conduct a feasibility test into the possibility of using advanced Eddy Current to successfully inspect through the applied Fuelvac® double skin system.

Innospection utilised the MEC™ (Magnetic Eddy Current) system, an NDT advanced electro-magnetic inspection technique. The main purpose into a feasibility test of the MEC™ technique on the Fuelvac® sample, was to investigate if the specific electro-conductive layer found within the double skin liner, had any significant influence on the Non-Destructive Testing capability of the MEC™ technique to detect defects within a carbon steel sample.

As you can see from the report, Fuelvac® does not interfere in any way with the quality of the results obtained using this advanced inspection technique and Innospections summary of the results is detailed below:

“In summary this feasibility test has concluded that on Fuelvac® coatings, the MEC™ technique is capable of satisfactory inspection results, through this type of coating for both topside and underside corrosion detection under similar inspection conditions”.

The entire report is downloadable from our website here.

Or read the full report below.

NDT Report


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